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Gyokuro Karigane 100g EN

900 Kč
Skladem (> 10 ks)

Delicate sweet taste with minimum cafeine

Kategorie: English
Hmotnost: 0.1 kg

Original 100g packing.
The name karigane which means "scream of the wild goose" is an old name that origins in Kyoto and it´s used for the best sorts of kukicha made from shaded tea plans. The name formed while watching the wild goose that sometimes settle down on the floating piece of wood to rest during the migration... and the brewing stems of karigane looks like these pieces of wood.
This is highest sort of karigane made from gyokuro stems.
It's sweet and refreshing with high amount of L-theanine and minimum caffeine.
Excellent tea for moments when you need to be relaxed but alert. 

Region: Kagoshima





Master Sakamoto is devoted to organic gyokuro since 1985. In Japan, he is well known  expert, often nicknamed “the gyokuro guru” for his huge knowledge and long lasting successes in organic farming.His teas can anytime prove wrong the saying that there is no good gyokuro without chemistry. He invited and is producing his own organic fertilizer, promoting organic agriculture and helping farmers who are trying to star with it. His approach is based on a complex perception of the soil, plant and a human being as one.

 Dry leaf:




Shibori-dashi or small kyusu teapot  is ideal for preparation. Traditionally we are using 7 grams of tea per 50-100 ml of water. 

1st brew: pour the water at the temperature around 60°C. After 1 and half  minute of brewing, pour out the tea till the last drop.

2nd brew: pour the water at the same temperature and immediately pour out.

3th - 4th brew: slowly raise the temperature and prolonge the time of brewing.


I recommend to use soft filtered water. 



Hodnocení zákazníků 
Karigane Gyokuro, mě naprosto očaroval svojí chutí, neboť pokud použijete tu správnou přípravu, tak první nálev vám dá plnou sametovou chuť, která je typická pro Gyokuro. Další nálevy se více víc blíží čaji Kukicha. Za sebe mohu doporučit. Cena odpovídá kvalitě čaje.